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Create Proposals

Create proposals for your customers to view, discuss within the portal, and accept. You get a notification when they view or accept the proposal! If they do accept they can sign with their fingers on their phone or their mouse on the desktop. Perfect for getting deals done on the move!

Send estimates and auto-generated invoices

Create estimates for your customers to view and accept. You receive a notification when they accept. An invoice is automatically generated after acceptance! Keep the deals flowing.

Sync invoices to your accounting software

Easily sync your invoices to Intuit QuickBooks, Xero Accounting, or Sage accounting software. Use Zapier or the REST API for anything else!

Manage your workflow!

Easy Payments

Have the option for customers to pay directly from an invoice through the payment gateway of your choice.

Create and apply credits

Create credits and apply them to your customer’s invoices. Say how many of the credits you want to apply at any given time.

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Customer Transparency!

Item groups and items

Create item groups and items with a title, description, and amount that can be reused in the future for invoices and other customers.

Sync with other software!

Create contracts and templates

Create contract templates or one off contracts. Allow customers to view, download, and sign.

Create subscriptions

Create subscriptions with Stripe or set recurring payments when creating an invoice. You can choose how often you would like an invoice to be sent and paid through a payment gateway of your choice.

Sync with QuickBooks, Xero, or Sage.

Easily sync your chart of accounts, customers, taxes, invoices, items, and payments with Intuit QuickBooks, Xero Accounting, or Sage accounting software.