Project Management
A single place for all of your work.
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Track everything and take action.

Add or remove different widgets from your dashboard. Click on a widget or line item to easily jump to the page and take action.

Use reports for quick overviews.

View, filter, and export reports as needed to have the high level or granual overview.

Sync invoices to your accounting software

Easily sync your invoices to Intuit QuickBooks, Xero Accounting, or Sage accounting software. Use Zapier or the REST API for anything else!

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View your calendar and take action

View your calendar and drill down how you see fit. Live links to items on your calendar to easily jump to what needs to be handled next!

Set trackable goals

Set and track goals with different options that measure growth in your system, whether your entire team or specific members, enter the number to achieve your goal, start and end dates. Notify staff of your wins (or misses)!

Manage your projects and tasks

Effectively manage all of your accounting related projects and tasks.

Track your sales

Track and create proposals, estimates, invoices, payments, credit notes, and items.

Turn leads into customers

Funnel your leads down into customers by sending out an estimate, proposal, and/or contract for them to sign and send out an invoice in one place.

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Control what customers can see

Provide the transparency needed for your customers and retain information where needed. Allow customers to access a knowledge base, upload/download files, create/read tickets, view and sign contracts, view projects and tasks, see milestones, and have a dashboard overview of their projects.

Sync with QuickBooks, Xero, or Sage.

Easily sync your chart of accounts, customers, taxes, invoices, items, and payments with Intuit QuickBooks, Xero Accounting, or Sage accounting software.

Integrate communication software

Integrate with communication software such as Zoom, Twilio, and Amazon SES.

Integrate with most modern systems

Easily import and export data to and from our system using Zapier (for the less tech savvy folks) or our REST API (you know who you are ;).